A chance to relive the ancient Egyptian era with cheap flights from Orlando to Egypt

Cheap flights from Orlando to Egypt

Home of ancient Pharaohs, Egypt is a wonderful place to visit. Cheap flights from Orlando are available to Egypt for an exciting vacation on discount-flight-tickets.com. Visit our website for more exciting offers on travel to Egypt.

Egypt is a superb holiday destination for its temples, tombs, pyramids and deserts. With vast deserts, you have chances of doing scuba diving for a thrilling experience. The very famous Nile river, the Pyramids, etc., Egypt has many top attractions to see. Beach lovers also be satisfied at the Sinai beach and can soak up in the sun. People who love archeology can tour at Luxor. Cairo is another popular city of Egypt, has many things to see.

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Top attractions of Egypt:

  1. Pyramids of Giza:

The Pyramids are the last living wonder from the ancient world. These pyramids are a popular tourist attractions which sees many visitors round the year. This was built as tombs for the mighty Pharaohs which were guarded by the very famous Sphinx. These pyramids are still wondered and have many things hidden within. It makes archeologist still wonder how these massive structures were built during the ancient period. The Pyramids of Giza are a must visit when you visit Egypt.

  1. Abu Simbel:

Abu Simbel is always very special among festooned temples. The colossal statues in the sitting position in from of the temple are best thing about this temple. These structures sit as guards to the temple outside, and with wall paintings decorated interiorly. This structure was moved from its original setting due to its incredible feat.

Take cheap flights from Orlando to Egypt which is a perfect country for a mixture of activities like culture, adventure and a relaxed vacation.

  1. Luxor’s Karnak temple:

The Nile river side town of Luxor always sees a lot of tourist round the year. It has the famous valley of kings, Karnak temple and the memorial temple of Hatshepsut. The west bank houses many tombs and temples and it has the biggest open air museum in the world. There are many places to see around including colorful art of tomb and the colossal columns are a must watch. So start book your cheap flights from Orlando before the offer ends.

  1. Egyptian Museum:

This museum lets you to imagine the Pharaonic period. Located at Cairo, this museum has some of the world’s greatest collection. The top floor has the collections of King Tutankhamun and the much see for every tourist, “the mummies”. This place houses some of the extraordinary exhibits in every corner of the structure.

Egypt has so much more to see. You can take cheap flights from Orlando, to visit these extraordinary places. You can visit discount-flight-tickets.com or reach to our customer care executives for any queries at +1-888-796-4320. They will be ready to provide you help round the clock.

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