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Singapore is popularly described as the playground of the rich and it is true when you see this small city. The high-end shopping malls, star hotels, etc. make this place glitter and have certain sheen of wealth.  Shortlisting the best things to do at Singapore was not an easy task. It has so many exciting activities, sparkling attractions and plenty of day trips. It is also the best place for all those shopping buffs. The night life is so vibrant here. Discover all of these and a lot more through our website and also know how to find cheap flights to Singapore.

how to find cheap flights

Getting Around:

Singapore has excellent public transport system that makes you tour the city easily and conveniently. You can get the metro map and zip from one place to another. English is majorly spoken on all parts and you have signs are also in English.

Places to see:

  1. Marina Bay Sands:

The Marina bay sands resort complex encompasses much entertainment in one like hotels, luxury brands, mall with a canal running through it and many more entertainment complexes in one place. The Marina Bay sands Sky Park’s viewing deck and the infinite pool are found on the ship structure found at top of the hotel. The hotel guests alone have access to the pool but the observational deck is open to everyone. The Double Helix Bridge, garden by the bay and many sky scrapers along with the impressive sky line are the things you can see from the sky park. You can grab a coffee or snacks at the snacks bar. Want to know how to find cheap flights to Singapore? Visit our website to know more details.

  1. Gardens by the Bay:

It is a huge colorful futurist park in the bay are of Singapore. It is so beautiful that it was names as the building of the year in 2012 by the world architecture festival. The Supertree Grove is the top attraction here and a must visit for everyone. There is also the world’s tallest indoor water falls in the cloud forest dome.  You can take stroll through the garden and enjoy a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

  1. China Town:

This is another icon of Singapore and the best shopping place for shopping lovers. You can also relish on some authentic Chinese food. The atmosphere is so real that you get the feel of actually being at China with bright red lanterns. The Hindu’s Sri Mariamman temple is so beautiful and impressive. There is also good mix of hotels here for you to relish on some yummy food.

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