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The rugged coastal lines and the iconic Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco and so many man made attractions, California is a must visit place. Visit our website to book cheap flights to California and have a memorable trip.

California is located on the west of USA and it stretches from Mexico border to the Pacific Ocean. It has natural play grounds and dramatic landscapes some of which are popular worldwide. California roughly sees millions of visitors every year from almost everywhere across the globe. It has a forest with world’s tallest trees, beautiful coastal lines, magical theme parks, etc.  It has a Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summer and mild and wet winters. The beaches can be visited during May to October. To avoid peak time, August and September are the best. Cheap flights to California are available from many destinations around the world. Visit our website for more details.

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What to see in California:

  1. Yosemite National Park:

It is one of America’s beautiful and famous national parks. The majestic mountains and the beautiful valleys, crystal clear waters and the stunning water falls attract so many visitors round the year. These valleys are carved from glaciers from the last ice age. The sheer rock face of El Capitan is a popular site here. They have a lookout from glacier point which gives some stunning views.

  1. Death Valley:

The Death Valley National park is situated with in the death valley  consist of some of the most in hospitable terrain with temperature be scorching hot that leaves this desert area simply beautiful. It encompasses beautiful sand dunes, huge mountains and lakes which are situated below sea level making it even more interesting to visit. You can hike short tails here. Book cheap flights to California, and enjoy these naturally made wonders.

  1. The Big Sur:

It is a beautiful stretch of coast line with many camping and hiking options. Pfeiffer Big Sur state park is the perfect place for hikers with nature escaping option and wonderful sun bathing experience. The Garrapata State park is another popular area of Big Sur with its beaches which are long crescent shaped with golden sand. Hiking here will give you the beautiful view of the coastal line and the famous redwoods.

  1. Lake Tahoe:

Cheap flights to California are available for a vacation with your loved ones. This place is so picturesque and looks like a post card location situated on high mountains. During summer this is the best place for boaters and beach goers. And during winter when the water freezes, it is an excellent location for Ski lovers.

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