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Our earth is a unique and a beautiful place. It has so many places to see. If you are bored of all the popular attractions then you have so many unique attractions which are so natural and beautiful to look. Visit our website and know more details on the flights and flight tickets to your favorite destinations. Cheap flights from SLC are also available to these beautiful locations.

When we plan a vacation we will only think of taking beach vacations or theme parks or hill station. But there are so many unexplored yet beautiful locations on earth for you to visit. These places are so stunning and are beyond your imagination. Some of these locations are UNESCO world heritage sites. These places are post card locations and look so scenic. This blog will help you get an idea of these unique locations on earth. You can visit our website to know about the flight details to these places.

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  1. Spotted lake, British Colombia, Canada:
  • It is a sacred lake that encompasses around 300 separate pools of highly concentrated minerals.
  • The spotted lake is a strangely patterned water body in the British Colombia’s desert.
  • These lakes contains large amount of minerals like magnesium Sulfate, calcium along with many other minerals.
  • During summer these lakes become dry when you can walk around the salt crystal polka dot shapes on the dry area of the lake.
  1. Pamukkale, Turkey:
  • It is a UNESCO World heritage and is a remarkable site.
  • It was once a Roman-era Spa.
  • It is located at the ancient city of Hierapolis these natural water fountains form a spectacular rock formation with natural hot spring waters run down the hill side.
  • These thermal pools are perfect for a quick dip.
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  1. Lake Hillier, Western Australia:
  • This lake will keep its deep pink color all year round.
  • This Australian lake whose pink definitely needs a technical explanation is a stunning sight to see.
  • It looks like a lake of solid bubble-gum pink from a distance.
  • The water though is not of any danger to humans but is not allowed to swim as it is entirely for research purpose.

     4. Zhangjiajie China:

  • The suspended Glass Bridge is long and gives tourists with a thrilling experience.
  • The National forest Park here is full of natural wonders and scenic beauties.
  • The misty forests to the Towering Sandstone pillars this place draws many tourists every year.
  • Many scenes of the academy award winning movie Avatar were inspired from this Nation Forest Park. .

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