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Canada is the second largest country in the world and in not short of beautiful landscapes and wonderful attractions to look for. The country has got a vibrant and rich culture with so many natural wonders. The rocky mountains of western Canada are the top picks of visitors. The central Canada has the famous Niagara Falls and other very most popular sites.

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What are the popular places to see in Canada?

  1. Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains:

It lies at the heart of the Rocky Mountains and has many picturesque locations. Snow-capped peaks and turquoise green lakes make this place a scenic beauty. Glaciers are easily accessible from this location. The Lake Louise is a beautiful location where the green waters of the lake reflects the mountains surrounding it and the tourists can also take stroll around the shores. The town of Banff provides accommodations, shopping and dining options. Before experience these great things book your Cheap flights from MSP.

  1. Whistler:

This is a famous ski- resort which is a two hour drive from Vancouver. This is one of the famous winter sport area. During summer, activities like golf, mountain biking, etc. is popular too. This place became popular after it hosted the 2010 winter Olympic Games. This is a popular destination for ski lovers. The hotels here offer you the best accommodation and dining experience.

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  1. Polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba:

One of the popular attractions of Canada is the Polar bear sighting. On the Hudson Bay the polar bears make their way from the land to the ice is a treat to watch. Visitors will be taken in tundra buggies which will have caged windows that will provide a close encounter with the polar bears. The best time for polar bear sighting is during October or November. The polar bears wait for the waters to freeze during this time of the year and head on to the ice.

  1. Niagara Falls:

The Niagara Falls sees millions of visitors every year, is a natural attraction and one of the most popular attractions of the world. This massive falls is located in the border of USA drops approximately 57 meters. Tourists get to see the wonder very closely from the edges at their top. Niagara Falls and Niagara Gorge have been attracting tourist for centuries. Families will enjoy a pleasant walk along the Clifton Hill leading to the gorge and falls.

There are many more attractions like Toronto’s CN tower, Old Montreal, Bay of Fundy, etc. to have a wonderful vacation to visit these natural wonders, take cheap flights from MSP and have a splendid vacation.

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